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Green Energy Management Solutions, LLC. (GEMS)* We have been in the lighting business for over 15 years. and have produced many successful 420 grow lights as well as commercial grow light facilities of green leafy vegetables, fruits and lettuces just to mention a few. We started with Induction lighting and incorporated LED into our GLK1000 in 2014, which created our hybrid 420 grow light with a bloom enhancement bar, creating the best of both worlds. Now we have one of the best LED grow lights on the market with over 15 years of research and science behind it.






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A Few Words About Us

Green Energy Management Solutions, LLC (GEMS)

GreenLight is a professional lighting company with a strong background in plant grow lighting. We have manufactured induction grow lights in the United States, as well as our hybrid, grow lights which is a combination of LED and induction. We have over 10+ years of experience in sales, R&D as well as manufacturing. We are in Newport Beach, California

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Lowest Price
(if you are looking for the lowest price you are on the wrong website)

All of our lighting and controllers are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications. We source the best quality materials from the metal that we used to produce the frames to the chips a.k.a. LEDs that we use whether it be from Osram, Citizens, Cree, Phillips, Nichia… Are designed and manufactured to our specifications. We guarantee the best possible prices with the highest possible quality, with no compromise.

Quality Guarantee

We only use quality-approved and well-known brands for our raw material suppliers. This is the best way to secure the products quality with no default from the very beginning. LED chips come from top international manufacturers including SAMSUNG, OSRAM, SANAN, etc. LED drivers come from MEANWELL, INVENTRONICS AND SOSEN.

100+ spectra

From 2010, we have set our company direction as “ALL IN GROW LIGHT'S”, and have set up our own grow lab. During the 9 years, we have tested more than 100 spectral compositions on various plants in the lab. We can make Red, White , Blue and Full-spectrum LED growth light. Together with the valuable spectral advice from our worldwide professional customers, we have built a spectra database which enables us to provide customers with the tailor-made spectrum for various applications.

1000's of successful project

In the past 10 years, we have supported a variety of customers with one of the best LED grow lights. One-stop solution for all kinds of growing applications, such as vegetable plant factories, medicinal cannabis growing companies, greenhouse farmers, hydroponic, indoor farming, vertical farming, individual indoor horticulture enthusiasts, etc., with more than 1000's of projects deployed worldwide.

We provide essential maintenance to all customers!

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We provide essential maintenance to all customers!

*Green Energy Management Solutions (GEMS) has several DBA’s
Green Light Induction Lighting ( – Green Light LED ( Green Light LED ultimate grow lighting ( As well as several other Green Light entities . You are currently on green light LED ultimate grow lighting. if you have any further questions regarding our other entities under the umbrella of Green Energy Management Solutions, please submit an inquiry. Thank You Very Much.