Grow Lab

About Our Grow Lab

GEMS Grow Laboratory was launched in 2011. In the past 9 years, we have conducted hundreds of experiments which mainly focused on the research of 2 areas:

  • Spectrum optimization and light cycle study

We have tested more than 100 spectral compositions with various plants, to find out which spectrum is more suitable for a certain plant species, even the specific strains within the species, and what the light cycle should be at the different growth stages. From these tests, we have established our spectra database for offering tailor-made spectrum service to growers of different plants.

  • Plants growing environment study

We all know that the right light spectrum is just a part of the whole ecosystem which supports the plant to grow healthily. So in order to offer a more comprehensive solution for the fast increasing horticulture growers, apart from spectrum research, our agronomy engineering team have also been doing research on several other key factors, such as nutrients, light exposure cycle, CO2 level, humidity, temperature, etc.