Grow Cannabis with LED Grow Lights

Cannabis grow lights are artificial lighting devices that are used to promote the growth of cannabis plants, serving as the sole source of light in indoor cannabis cultivation and as a supplemental lighting source in greenhouse cultivation.

With the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in a number of countries, such as Canada, US, indoor commercial cannabis cultivation has developed into a much bigger industry that requires a lot of scientific and technological effort to successfully grow top quality cannabis. Among all those factors, the correct lighting source is one of the most important. Until recent years, HID(high-intensity discharge) lights including MH(metal-halide) and HPS(high pressure sodium) were the mainstream of lighting for growing cannabis indoors. But with the LED(light-emitting diode) technology evolving rapidly and the dramatic decrease of cost over the last decade, today, LED grow lights have become the new standard in indoor cannabis growing.

With more than 10 years of experience in horticultural lighting, VANQ provides plants-oriented and cultivation-proved cannabis LED grow lights for both commercial cultivators and individual hobby growers.

GLMX720 720W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

GLMX720 is a 720W full spectrum waterproof LED grow light, which is tailor-made for indoor cannabis cultivation.

GLMX240 240W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

GLMX240 is the ideal cannabis grow light for indoor home growers using grow tent of 2ft x 4ft(0.6m x 1.2m).

Why choose LED grow lights for your cannabis?

Growing cannabis indoors with artificial lights has a clear advantage in producing a higher and better yield. Because most top-quality cannabis cultivars that have the highest market values have been developed from generations of genetic optimization in indoor environments, and many of these delicately-breed cultivars are unsuitable for field cultivation.

HID grow lights have been used as the standard lighting solution for indoor cannabis growing for many years, and it is still being used in many commercial facilities. But over the past several years, we have also seen a clear trend that more and more professional and commercial cannabis cultivation facilities have shifted to high quality LED lighting, due to its proven performance on crop quality and consistency, as well as the significant cost savings in long term operation.

More Light, Less Cost

A high performance LED grow light can generate the same or even higher light output than a traditional HID light with 50% less electricity consumption. Moreover, comparing to HID lights with a replacement cycle of 10,000-20,000 hours, LED grow lights can sufficiently work for more than 50,000 hours with less than 20% light loss.LED grow light is also much more stable and trouble-free, requiring less routine maintenance than other systems. The long term cost savings combining lower energy cost and less maintenance overheads allows cultivators to focus on plant improvements.

LED grow lights also generate much less heat than traditional HID commercial grow lights, therefore the climate control in cultivation facility can be much easier. Lower heat generation also allows cultivators to put LED lights in closer proximity to the plants without exposing those plants to excess radiative heat. In this way, cultivators can not only save on HVAC cost, but also use vertical farming methods to dramatically increase the space utility which is now a common practice in many commercial cannabis growing facilities.

How to use our LED grow lights with your cannabis?

VANQ GLMX series LED grow lights are designed to meet the lighting requirements for both professional commercial growers and home hobby grow tent growers.

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Home Growers with Grow Tent

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