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A Few Words About Us

Green Energy Management Solutions, LLC (GEMS) a.k.a. GreenLight is a professional lighting company with a strong background in plant grow lighting. We have manufactured induction grow lights in the United States, as well as our hybrid, grow lights which is a combination of LED and induction. We have over 10+ years of experience in sales, R&D as well as manufacturing. We are in Newport Beach, California


Our core business values

GEMS provide high quality and high-performance lighting where quality comes 1st. For several different types of applications from explosion proof lighting, Street lights, warehouses, and high bays and LED tubes, Stadium lighting, Plasma and LED lighting for warehouses as well as grow lights for cannabis, microgreens, vegetables, and some fruits, that can be customized to suit a specific customer’s needs. Our products can be used for closed environment planting and greenhouses too. We make quality fixtures that outperform other top name brands. We use high-quality parts from the internal gold wiring for longer-lasting, better connectivity without corrosion and or deterioration.

Our customers

GEMS has served a wide range of customers including enterprises that specialize in medical grows, vegetables, fruits and flowers, medicinal plants, as well as customers a require Class I Division 1 explosion proof lighting.

Our customers spread over dozens of countries such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, South Korea, New Zealand.

Our focus

Quality is the life of GEMS and quality control is demanded in the organizations that we work with. From high-quality material and component procurement to efficient product manufacturing and strict product inspection, quality control is embedded throughout the whole structure and process of the company.

The quality of our products and the service of our company have been well received and recognized by our customers. Our company has been rated by Dunn & Bradstreet in the 95 percentile in our past performance evaluation by our peers, this is a blind study that we had no control over.

Our strength

R&D is the driving power of our growth. GEMS has teamed up with several partners to create different types of grow lighting and has invested heavily in R&D with a few different companies around the world; the United States, Germany, and Japan just to mention a few. We have been associated with running a plant grow lab since 2011 for testing and developing the light spectra and products that are best tailored to the needs of the plants being cultivated. Our company has long term strategic collaboration with Huanan Agricultural University in the research of cutting-edge technology in the field of artificial light sources for agriculture.

Our suppliers hold over 45 certificates for compliancy and over 14 patents of invention and 15 software copyrights by September 3, 2019.

Our future

GEMS aims to embrace the latest advances in science and technology with several different companies from around the world knowing that without photosynthesis we have nothing. Knowing that the attempt to harness the sun through an artificial light form is difficult at best. To hone in on a certain wavelength and spectrum, regarding 380 nm for vegetative growth and 760 nm for the flowering process; companies like Citizens, Osram, Luma group, Vanque, and bridge Lux aims to embrace the latest advances in science and technology. We have made breakthroughs in the application of control systems in LED lighting solutions for plant growth and will soon launch the first range of Smart LED plant grow light products.

GEMS and our supporting partners will continually provide the best products and services to support our customers’ business.

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