Horticulture LED Light

G.E.M.S produces professional horticulture LED grow lights for various plant growing applications, mainly in four areas as follows:

Cannabis Cultivation :

Our horticulture lighting solutions for cannabis include high power 650W/350W COB LED grow lights, 720W LED grow light bars. We are also one of the leading companies in applying IOT technology into horticulture lighting, enabling professional growers to easily program the optimized spectral ratio for different plant strains and different growing purposes.

Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting :

Our greenhouse lighting solutions include top lighting as well as interlighting, with tailor-made spectra for both conventional vegetable growers and greenhouse cannabis cultivators.

Vertical Farming :

In order to improve light utilization in vertical farming, we have developed a patented 50W waterproof LED grow light tube which can deliver a rectangular lighting footprint with uniform PPFD distribution within the footprint.

Tissue Culture :

Our T8 tissue culture lighting solution is perfect for replacing traditional fluorescent light. The spectrum can be customized to match different plants and different cultivation purposes.

Applications :

Grow Lights for Cannabis Cultivation

Grow Lights for Greenhouse

Grow Lights for Tissue Culture

Grow Lights for Vertical Farming